Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Recent Developments

Wa, so tired lately. Prob cos I have been sleeping later then usual, and there are still remnants of the flu virus left.

Finally some time on my hands to keep track of what I have been up to of late. Actually, have been quite busy at work, as I have recently shifted my cube, away from the main bustling street, to a quiet suburb. Hee.

Back at home, I have just watched Kill Bill Vol1 and 2 with my SO. Wa, most bloody show I have seen as yet. Overall the show is still quite nice(not cos of the gore). Next stop, I must get my lazy ass to watch The GodFather. woot.

Have been spending the rest of my time doing my trading stuff, stuff like registering for accounts, looking ar charts, reviewing my trading plans. Realised that my trading plans for Forex doesnt really work with the US stocks which I'm eyeing of, as some characteristics differ. So I'm spending some time to improvise. Decided not to rely so much on my trading partner, he might not be so generous to share. For me, once I come up with something, I dont mind sharing with anyone who is genuinely interested.

Actually, the roses test actually inspired me a lot. In many ways, its akin to my search for a sound trading plan. You know whats the question, but its not the true question, for it only gives you a guide for your answer, but not how to solve it. It makes you think how you should define the question, which made me determined, that like that rose prob, I can solve this too.

This time, I am aided by Faith and Determination, not to mention a little bit of sense lah. Hee.

Havent been mentioning the blessings in my life for a while, and today, I shall dedicate it to my SO.

I'm blessed with a very wonderful wife.(L)

p.S. dont cringe/laugh/make fun of me now.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Why do you blog?

Often I see posts about how to increase the number of hits to your blog, which made me wonder, why does one blog?

I think there are 2 camps to this:

i) From the blue corner, our dear neurotic teacher, Ondine. Her purpose(imho) is to document down what shes going through in life, so that 10 years down the road, she can look back at herself, and see what she has gone through, as each experience made her to who she is today.

ii) From the red corner, our Miss XX, whose blog generates revenue for her. Though it would be presumptous to say that she writes for the sole purpose of attracting interest to her blog, but I would say sometimes, she is under duress to blog about something which people would like to read about.

(Disclaimer : I dont mean they are fighting each other, like in a boxing ring, I thought it would be a novel way of introducing the 2 sides. heh)
For me, I'm more towards he blue corner. If they are readers, that will be a plus point of course :D.

I have written down my resolve in this blog(prev entry), and I shall succeed. I shall visit it again, on my 30th birthday, to show that I have succeeded. Till then.

My resolve

I will have SGD500K in my bank account,
on the day of my 30th birthday

So there, this is my goal. To think it, to ask for it, and I will think of ways to make it happen.

Friday, March 18, 2005

How many do you think there are?

Try this test

My trading friend passed it to me, he solved it in a hour. I'm not going to say how long I took. :p

Things to do

After being through many other blogs, I started to realise how pathetic mine looks. Ha. Therefore,

i) I shall resolve to learn some basic HTML(which shouldnt be too difficult. I only have a mental block with C++) hee. :p

Secondly, time to do some more reading of the book I mentioned earlier. Incidentally I found out yesterday that one of my colleagues(who is doing MLM in his free time) is reading that book also. I mentioned to him that this is my second reading, and he made a very interesting point, i.e. , that the book reveals to you what you are ready to receive. In other words, different people who read the book has a very different understanding. So Paul, if you are reading this, go read lah. :p

My friend whos much more advanced in trading, had made some revelations to me about the US stock market which are very interesting. :D There is still much for me to learn. Woot. So the second thing I need to do

ii) learn how to use the filters in optionxpress. The last time I tried, I gave up. Will do better this time.

Last but not least, I need to

iii) Get well soon! ( Been down with flu of late. Rats)

Ok, think I shall end here, lunch soon. Hmm, maybe i'll write more when I'm in the mood later. Heh.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Food for thought

Bah, couldnt think of a better title.

It does look kinda lame, but I shall change it later if something interesting comes to mind.

My Significant Other(SO) commented that her colleague is very sure I would write about the book I'm reading(like all other bloggers do), hmm, but I shall desist(is there such a word?). I cant write too much about the book in case someone uses the copyright law to sue my S off. But heres some food for thought.

The book mentioned that, no matter how much I ask from Life, Life will willingly pay. I got the concept of that(as in why it happens). Ok, the book also lays out some steps I will have to prepare myself with. This is something along the lines of "How much do you want to have, and by when?", and "What are you willing to give up for it?" Interesting.

Another point to chew on, is to rule out the word impossible. Well, in my (warped) reasoning, nothing is impossible(to anyone), it just depends on how long it will take for the individual(or the group of individuals, for that matter) to make it possible. The key thing is the amount of time needed. For some things, the time needed will exceed the lifetime of the individual, but as long as the vision+determination is present, it will become possible. So there.

Good thing that happened to me:
There have been new revelations in my trading efforts.
Good thing that happened yesterday:
Managed to have lunch with my SO. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My morning with Mum

Today blessing:
I spent some quality time with Mum today!

Hmm, funny way to start my entry. :p

My mum's dentures have been giving her some problems of late, and she scheduled to go the the dentist's office this morning. And the good thing is, I managed to drive her there. :D Its quite difficult to get her to agree to let me drive her somewhere, my mum, cos she insists that she can manage by herself(she definitely can, my mum is one tough cookie), and she doesnt want to trouble me, that I'll be late if I drive her, etc, etc. So, that explains why I'm glad.

She sorta talked to me about the problems in our family(which made me a little sad), but I was glad she was able to open up to me. Though I have breakfast and dinner with her almost every other day, its mostly small talk, as the time and place doesnt really allow otherwise.

And I felt really comforted that she understood my intentions, of wanting to bring her to a nice Chinatown restaurant to have tim sum this coming Sunday, though she wanted me to cancel. I'll cancel, for now, but I definitely will bring her and Dad to a nice place to have a nice meal someday. :)

Though it was a short 5 minutes or so, I felt very contented..

Monday, March 14, 2005

Interesting reads on the Sunday Times

Came across 2 interesting reads on the Sunday Times yesterday. They are on

1) How one should count your blessings, from Ms Chia(I dint bring the paper today, so I hope i dint get her name wrong), who learnt the real meaning of why one should count their blessings, after her successful fight with cancer.

Which made me wake up, and I decided to really really appreciate life more, by being more positive, and less negative, to be mindful of the good things that are happening all around me all the time, instead of harping on the unhappy ones. From this day on, I shall record down at least 1 blessing everyday, to show how life is wonderful. :)

2) How Singaporeans are fond of making themselves upset/depressed angry from Mr Colin Goh, founder of the most interesting site TalkingCock.Com :D

He illustrates this by saying how Singaporean drivers curse and and swear at someone who swerved into their lane, even though the person "under curse" couldnt hear a damn thing.(so true)

And how many people lament that they have studied for a course they have 0 interest in, and thus stuck in a job where they have absolutely no passion for. And when they are asked, 'Why do you choose it in the first place?', their answer is,'Cos so-and-so said it is good for me.'.

Hmm, this used to describe the 'old' me to a certain extent, just that I knew what I was doing when I first chose the course to read in NTU. For my case, I overestimated something, which made me miss a crucial step to where I wanted to go. Hence, I am where I am now.

Another interesting thing about the above example is, that when people encounter some difficulties/unfortunate events, they blame everyone, except themselves. Few notice this, but I can see it everywhere. I fall victim to this some of the time, but I'm definitely on the 'road to recovery. ;-)

I'm reading a book on how thoughts could transform your life. It titled "Think and Grow Rich". I found this book familiar when my friend sent to me. It was until I printed it, and another colleague saw me collecting the printout, before remarking that he has actually lent it to me before. I muse at how Fate has brought me a second chance to read the book, and I shall really read it seriuosly this time.(The prev time i read it, I just sped-read through it without digesting it, just because I could). :p How egoistic of me then. Heh.

Still on the subject of the book, it occured to me, that I have actually used the power of my mind before, that was the period when I courted my wife, who was my colleague then. Despite all the difficulties(trust me, these will put a normal man off), I knew what I wanted, and eventually I have a wonderful wife. :)

I shall use it again, to prove that I have what it takes, to reach where I want to, to reap what I sow.

Blessing for the day:
My cat has recovered from flu! :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Less Coffee is good for thee

Read the "Mind Your Body" Section on ST today.

An article mentioned an important point. When you are tired, dont go reaching for that cuppa yet. Apparently,

tiredness == blood sugar low
tiredness != coffee level low

So there. So enlightening hor?

Next time when you feel tired, just smell the coffee powder, and suck on a sugar cube.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Depressing Reads

After reading various posts about employment issues in Singapore from MrBrown, KnightOfPentacles and AcidFlask, I a little depressed.

I should thank my lucky stars I didnt accept the OMS they offered me when I was a naive 18 yr old.

I should be thankful, then I dint make it into MAS.

In that case, where am I headed? Think my original plan still holds. There is no cheese for me here.

On a lighter note, its knock-off time.

Travel plans? Hmm

Check out Ondine's latest entry - here

Hahaha, I think I need to get a life.. hahahaha.. :-)

But in all seriousness, I'd like to really go somewhere someday, anywhere, to look at how other people live their lives, what sights/smells/sounds people from other countries wake up to, not to mention the cute animals too.

The thing thats stopping me? My lazy bum. And my bank account. Haha.

Where have you visited today?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Toilet manners

I have a grouse about toilets.

I have 2 cubicles in each of the toilets in my office, and one of them would have a tap by the toilet bowl. Sometimes, when I go in, the toilet would be in a mess, i.e. there will be paper lying around, some sh!t still stuck to the toilet bowl(and sometimes even the side), etc.

I dont understand, why the previous 'occupant' of the cubicle, could not be bothered to clean up after himself?! I mean, like , if he flushed after dumping a whole lot of sh!t, or a small load of sticky sh!t, and there are some sh!t which is still sticking to the bowl, cant he just use the tap beside the toilet bowl to wash it away?!? Even when theres not tap, you can always use toilet paper right?! I mean I do. I just tear out a larger portion of paper to wipe it off the toilet bowl, and flush again. In that case, the bowl will be clean for the next person who uses it, no?

Think about it, if he couldnt be bothered to clean up about himself cos he thinks its too dirty, does he expect the cleaning auntie to do so? I mean, if he finds his own sh!t dirty(then dont dig nose lah!), doesnt hethink others will find it even more repulsive.

And the sad thing is, I not only see it in my office, but in public toilets as well.

Thing is, Singaporeans are still far from gracious, when they cant even spare a thought for another fellow man. Everyone is only engrossed about himself, where got time to worry about others.

Singapore, gracious? Ptui! Tan ku ku.

Girls' Names

While chatting on MSN messenger today, the topic of names came up.

Excerpt of conversation:
Wife says: Channice is a nice name?
Me says: sounds funny leh.. why?
Me says: if for our baby gal next time then is good.. heehee
Wife says: no lah.. just came across it
Wife says: i already have one, "blossom"
Me says: heehhee
Wife says: and you are likely to have another one, which is "bubble"
Me says: blossom koh
Me says: bubbles koh
Me says: not bad.. i like(seriously)
Wife says: but will our kids hate it?
Wife says: we nvr know right.
Wife says: they might not think it's cool when they grow up
Me says: hmm...
Me says: anyway, no matter what name we give them, we also dunno if they'll like it or not rite?
Wife says: that's true.
Me says: heehee
Wife says: I like blossom.. if only our little girl is like her.. then we dont have to worry about her too much
Check says: dont worry, we'll teach and love her so she can grow up to be like her k?


There, no prizes for guessing which 3 cartoon characters me and my wife likes.

She prefers Blossom, for all her sensibility and independence, while I like Bubbles for her sweetness and cuteness. Haha.

Btw, I also like Atomic Betty, Kim Possible, Courage the Cowardly Dog, among others. Ha. I'm a young gal stuck in a grown-up man's body.