Monday, February 28, 2005

Hanging around in Orchard Road

While waiting for my missus to finish her facial, I hung around Orchard Road on Saturday, after dropping her off nearby.

Parked at Shaw Towers, and realised the parking rate does not quite tally with the rates on Oh well, parked there nevertheless, though grudgingly.

I ended up in Taka. Realised I could guess where people are going from what they wear. Guys, who looked chin-chai - library and Kino; gals who are all dressed up - shopping. Hmm, but I might be generalising too much. Anyways...

I went to Kino to do some reading( I recently realised I liked reading, though I havent been doing much for the past few years, time to catch up), and managed to save myself $18 by finishing "Who took my Cheese" on the spot. Quite interesting, a novel way of looking at life which eluded me, but after reading it, I kept the questions at the back of my mind, where I will reflect upon them, when I'm in a more pensive mood. Ha.

By now, you should have guessed I'm quite a cheapo(read Para 2 and 4). yey.

I also read a book on am Italian guy who travelled around Asia by land, because a fortune-teller told him to avoid planes for the whole year. (Think the book is called "A fortune-teller told me" , or something to that effect). The author, while listening to Dalai Lama, met a fellow Italian who had converted to Buddhism, and started to chat with him.

This Italian monk then told the author about his experiences in Buddhism. At one point, the author wanted to ask him, how he could believe in reincarnation(believed bu Buddhists) when the population of the world kept increasing? But he stopped himself, knowing that this question is pointless, as (in his opinion), it is the same as asking a Christian to perform a miracle just because he thinks God/angels exist?

My wifey was telling me the other day, that one of his friends knew someone who went to Thailand to preach Christianity, and he mentioned that the Buddhists practised Idolism, which made the Buddhists there dam angry with him. My point is, Christians believe in Jesus, Muslims believe in Allah, Buddhists believe in Buddha, so why cant everyone respect that? Just because you think Jesus/Allah/Buddha is the Almighty One, does that mean you have to diss off other people who dont think the same way as you are? No wonder there are so many religious conflicts going on.

I'm more of a Buddhist/free-thinker myself. My take on this is:

It doesnt matter what your religion is, as long as it teaches you to do good. If you are a Christian, but you go around doing bad things, do you still go to heaven? If I am a Buddhist, and I do good all my life, I will be kept out of heaven just because I didnt believe in Jesus? Hmm. Go figure.

Of course, my argument might be flawed, but just a thought.

I dont want to knock your religion, so please dont knock mine.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Stuck behind an ambulance

This morning, I was happily (well, not so happy cos I'm going to work) driving on the ECP/AYE to work, when I realised an ambulance was hogging lane 1 of the expressway.

Stuck behind, nothing to do, then I realised the hotline to call the ambulance was painted on its back. 2 things occured to me

1) Thats another way to get people to remember the number(by hogging lane 1 of the expressway)
2) Nows a opportunity to remember the number.

So in case any of us needs the number(ah choy!), its 6311 1111.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kitten post

Testing, just to see if my website works. Ha!