Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Respect for passion

On the cat front, I finally adopted Kelly. A nice lady kitten who's adopting well the almost everything at home.

Went to Mutts and Mittens yesterday. Met Cohen, who runs the place. Chatted with him some, and learned that he used to be in the FnB industry. From his expression, there seemed to be another interesting story behind that, but for thats another day I guess. What I admire him, is that he can give up everything just to set up Mutts and Mittens, and he genuinely cares about animals. From the following

- The way the talks about the different vets in Singapore, and how and why he brings his animals to his current vets, even though they are much more expensive.
- The way he talks to me, and the questions he asks me before handing Kelly over to me.
- How he talks to students(they were there on a field trip when I was there) about taking care of animals.

He loves animals, and he walks this passion.

I have nothing but respect for this guy.


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