Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Think to be aware

Got rather pensive after reading Tym's entry.

Made a long comment, maybe I'll write more about it later.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Which Greek God are you?

Which one are you? Take the test here. Taken from BlinkyMummy.


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On a different note altogether, I'm applying for a big MNC, and one of the questions is to describe something innovative I have done. All I can think of is my trading stuff, which is not appropriate to include inside the application, so am cracking my head for one now. Hmm.

Oh, came back from Phuket, but dunno if I'll update anything here. Hmm. We'll see.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The NKF issue

So many people talking about the NKF issue, I just wanna record down my thoughts here.

For me, I dont mind the CEO taking such a high pay, as he deserves it for running such a (successful) organisation till it is today. Then, people will argue, what did he contribute? Without him, NKF can also get a lot of donations what. Fine, but other CEOs(of companies, rather than organisations), are also earning big bucks when their company loses $. So there.

But what I mind is, and i think is of utmost importance, is transparency. In an organisation, which solicits public funds, my stand is not to spend unnecessarily. Just buy/spend what is needed to achieve your purpose, if its using funds from the organisation.

Perhaps the most important point is, people are cancelling their donations now. However, are they just using this as an excuse to scale back on their donations? Are they donating the $ they stopped giving NKF, to other more worthy organisations, who are barely surviving?

I'm still keeping my $10 a month donation to NKF, if they can be transparent, else the monthly contribution is going to Women Make a Difference, or Cat Welfare Society. So there.

Monday, July 11, 2005

An Update on Meself

Monday, so tired out physically and mentally, but the reasons are a story left for another day.

Am reading up on Financial Management now, grabbed a book on Thursday(I was on MC for diarrhoea), and am now studiously reading it. I like it, probably due to my interest in finance work. Reading it also thought me a lot of things I dint know previously, like the branches of finance.

(rant ahead)

Office wise, getting more sick by the minute. Supervisor recommended me for a promotion, but I dont really think I'm happy, and even more, not so motivated by it. So when he asked me if I wanted to add anything, I said, thats fine with me.

Mgr then told me something about dept re-org, which dint make any sense to me at all, but I just said ok, as nothing I said would have made a difference anyway.

Some other ppl just made use of their seniority to push their way to get certain privileges. My respect for them now, zilch.

Going for Phuket trip this weekend. Hope that'll be fun..

Accident - Will you stop to help?

Went to JB over the weekend, to visit my mother-in-law.

On my way there, one of the roads which normally had smooth traffic, was jammed. After a while, I realised why.

There was an accident, involving a motorcyclist and a car, and there was an injured auntie stting by the roadside, whose head is covered in blood. Good thing is, she's still conscious. Theres this uncle who were beckoning to the passing traffic to slow down to help , but none did.

So when I passed by, I saw the extent of injuries of the auntie, and I winded down my side window and asked how I could help. The uncle asked me to help drive the auntie to the clinic, which I agreed, and proceeded to ask the location of the clinic(Me not too familar with JB, you ask me where to buy DVD I know, ask me where clinic is? Saya tidak tawu)

THOUGH I was thinking,"there goes my cushions"(my seats are . But I still stopped, and really wanted to help. A moment later, someone called out that an ambulance is on the way. I felt a little relieved, though I felt guilt stricken for harboring such selfish thoughts. So that bothered me for a long while.

So, although I did the right thing by stopping to help, I shouldnt have such selfish thoughts. Shall not be so selfish next time.

Bothered me to the extent, where Quill sustained another dent to her bumper while I was parking. Doh!

Unexpected Kindness

Last Fri evening, I stopped my car by the roadside so that my wife could pick up something from the trunk while I waited in the car. A short while later, a MPV stopped in front of me, and a little girl and her mother, whom I believed to be of Indian origins, stepped out of the car, and
walked towards mine.

They started to gesture to my wife, and I then realised that they have seen my wife drop her mobile phone while she was searching through the trunk.

It was extremely kind of them to deliberately stop their car to inform us of this, and it warms my heart to know that such kind hearted souls exists in Singapore. Just when I have almost given up hope.

Monday, July 04, 2005


I wonder why, at this time of the day, that I feel this way?

Its not only today, its affecting for since the past week.

I am direct. I lash out. I plan my words for maximum effect. Trying to discharge the pressure.

I think I must get away from this place.