Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Party - the arftermath

So many things on my mind, but not yet able to write it all down.. so a short one

in summary

IT WAS DAMMMM FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had great fun with the gang, namely brudders JF, Young and Keith. Not to mention FEY!! and PAIKIA!! woot woot!!

But nice to meet so many ppl, namely Ping, Mandrake(u rock!), UMB, Cowboy, LMD, SassyJan, ScarletTing, Naeboo, etc.!

Havent drank that much, and had so much fun in a loong time. :-)

Friday, October 28, 2005


Hi all!

Special thanks for dropped by in the previous entry!

When I let go, I stop being affected by whatever you were holding on. So, whatever will be will be.

Rest assured that I'm all right! :)

See you guys this Sunday! Still trying to get Jane to go. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Dam disappointed I am.


I guess this is the time to let go.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Clouds block the sun, though it is not seen, cant it still be felt?

The sun still shines, and provides warmth, if it is still required.

The se7en

Dunno who started one..

but my first time doing meme, no thanks to the lovely serendipity.

1) If given a choice to decide your birth, where would you choose?

I wouldnt change. I'd still want to be have Mummy and Daddy as my parents.

2) If given a choice to meet your 1st friend who will be with you for a lifetime, where will it be?

Since the friend will be with me for a lifetime, I'd prefer to meet him/her as early as possible. Say kindergarten.

3) If there's a flight accident & you end up lost somewhere, at the end of the day where you hope u are at?

I hope to be somewhere where I can survive till help arrives.

4) Where you hope you met your 1st love?

I'd prefer a chance meeting. So anywhere will do.

5) Where would you want to have your wedding?

Maldives. The beautiful beach, the clear blue sea.

6) Where do you hope to enjoy life when you retire?

Somwhere safe, peaceful and near the countryside.

7) Everyone will die sooner or later. So given a choice to decide your deathplace, where will you choose?

I wanna die peacefully at home. Wherever that will be.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A leap of faith

I took a GIGANTIC leap of faith today.

I hope I'm right, as I have been right till now.

Faith I supposed, I must have.

Dum Dee Dum

Kena reminded 2x last night, that I havent been updating my blog.

So here I am!

Been so busy at work today trying to solve a problem that keeps eluding me, but finally i think today it has been solved, so I can take a breather now..

been out of touch with the bar and my emails of late.. so must do some serious catching up soon..

Planning a short trip next mth.. wanted to go to Club Med Bintan, but its a little pricey :p so still looking around.

Spent 2 hours looking for opportunities last night, but cant even find 1. *faints*. Haha, but still spent my time productively, so all is not lost.

Japanese dinner with Seren and the gang tonight, must go back early to practice dance steps, and I certainly hope they arent as expensive as Akashi! :p

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Friday - Salsa Class/Dbl 0

It was quite fun, I dare say I quite enjoyed myself. Every1 was right, it does get better when you relax. For the first lesson, danced in quite close proximity with some of my new classmates, and I'm spending half the time to make sure I dont step on their toes. :p

Adjourned to Dbl 0 for clubbing later. JW went with me. I think he had a real eye opener. Hurhur. Music was more to my liking compared to Zouk, but Zouk's babes were prettier..


Organised a dinner followed by a KTV session at Partyworld last Saturday.

Dinner was a blast, with No2Handsome, No2slack, JF, YounG, Frenie, CG, wifey and myself, to some zhi-char at Simpang Bedok. I thought the food was quite good, just hope the rest of the peeps dint find it too bad.

Followed by Shenton Way KTV later, I always thought it was some sleazy KTV place, turned out that I was half right, cos they were just beside each other. Must thank all my friends who so 'give face', for turning up. :) I thought it was quite fun. Missy couldnt join us though, she had something important to handle. Well, I guess there's always a next time.



My post seems dark, cos has been fustrated for the past 2 days, and that saps most of my +ve energy away. So, not quite cheery.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm a little lost

A litte lost this week, seems like everything looks funny, people seem different, PT himself seems weird..


On a different note altogether, just had lunch with 3 flies today.. somehow...




anyway, salsa lessons this friday. DarkElfin told me to just relax and go with the flow. Hope he's right. :-)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The little things in life

I saw a rainbow this morning in my side mirror while I was driving wifey to work this morning! :)

It feels like the rainbow is Nature's way of smiling at me, haha, might sound silly, but I actually believe that Mother Nature is a being with emotions as well, and through the little things around us, we see her beautiful, cute, wonderful, angry, depressed sides.



On a different note altogether, I knocked myself out very early last night. I realised a lack of sleep really changes me. I become

- slow + lerthagic
- uninterested
- unmotivated
- stupid
- overly sensitive
- touchy

I dont like this me at all. Hmm. But I'm quite awake this morning. Heehee.

I had funny thoughts in between my sleep last night. Morale of the story is not to have a heavy dinner.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A diary of events for the past 2 days..

I met some of wifey's A level friends during a wedding dinner in JB.

After the dinner, my wifey told me the brightest minds in the whole of Malaysia were at that table. To me, they seemed ordinary enough. I managed to strike up a conversation with 2 of them. Hmm..

Highlight of the night was, the food dint taste so good.

A good friend of mine, whom I had known for a decade, told me, that he decided to stop reading my blog. When I asked further, he mentioned that as he read more, he realised he knew less and less of me...

Or is this the real me? Or is this just another mask I put on?

I guess this is another part of my personality, which has been dormant for the longest time, emerging from its coccoon, and I welcome this side of me with open arms.

So JW, if you are reading this, I am still the one which you have know all these years. I am still me, my character is as what you have seen, what you know over these years, and its unlikely that will change. However, the PT which you have known for the past ten yrs is slowly evolving, so I hope you'll understand, that no matter what I evolve into, I am still me.

In another seperate incident, I was disappointed by a friend, who texted me out of the blue, which I happily replied, as it has been the longest time since I last heard from her. But in the end, in turned out that she only wanted to know if my wife is expecting. Disappointment. Sigh.