Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend updates

The weekend flew right past, a very very tiring weekend I must say.

Cough is still plaguing me, like the plague(duh). Much better now, but staying off my fav foods and alcohol till I get better.

Lets see, most of the weekend was spent fencing up my windows for my Kitties. Brought them to the vet on Sat to get their shots, where they shouted their lungs out when the doc injected them. I wanted to cry man.

Then had red bomb dinner at Goodwood Park. Nothing eventful there. I dun feel as touched as I was when I attended Nic's one though. Hmm..

Sunday - Finally completed fencing up the required windows. Sneaked in a bit of laundry, but my house, esp the study room, looks as if a hurricane just passed. Phew.

Okie, time for some photos.. next post


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